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by Scott Monique and I took a few weeks last fall after our wedding photography season started to wind down to head out and visit Southern Nevada. Despite living in Reno for the last 15 years or so, I have never actually explored any of the desert southwest part of my own state. We headed…

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by Scott Monique and I recently finished the frantic brunt of our wedding season and found we had a couple of weeks free. Naturally, we decided to head out and take more pictures. We had never explored Southern Nevada and while we only had a couple of weeks, we managed to hit some great locations…


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  • Dotty moltNovember 13, 2014 - 4:13 pm

    Beautiful photography ! You inspire me to get back out there and shoot some more ! Thanks Scott and Monique !

  • RoMay 28, 2017 - 6:21 pm

    Is it best to shoot this park at sunrise or sunset if one had to choose?

  • ssadyMay 28, 2017 - 10:46 pm

    For my two cents, it’s better at sunset

Photographs and story about the hawk and raptor observation and research program in the Goshute Mountains of Eastern Nevada, run by HawkWatch International.


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  • Elizabeth SaideJanuary 9, 2013 - 7:33 pm

    On Jan.5/2013, I observed a Cooper’s Hawk feeding on a pigeon in an African Sumac tree in my yard in Henderson,NV,. near Black Mt. I could not see any banding. Last winter, I saw what appeared to be an eagle soaring above. (we are not that far from Lake Mead). What caught my attention was every living creature in it’s shadow running for cover!

  • Phyllis WetselMay 5, 2013 - 9:41 am

    I live in Reno and one day in March I was walking along the Steamboat ditch trail which follows a ridge when two large raptors flew just above me. I stopped and watched them as they were larger than the Red tail hawks I normally see in this area. I identified them with the help of my nine year old neighbor and my bird book as Golden Eagles. They quickly soared out of sight and although I frequently walk this trail, I only saw them one other time. Then, last Sunday I saw an immature Golden eagle and was thrilled! Is there an observation area closer to Reno as I would loved to know more about these beautiful birds? Phyllis Wetsel 775-329-9698.

  • adminMay 5, 2013 - 5:00 pm

    Hi Phyllis, I know there is a mated pair of Golden Eagles on Peavine. I have been to their nest (well, under it actually) in years past when they had chicks and they fly over our house quite often. Might be them, or some others that you saw, there are plenty around this area.